Durplastics can provide a huge range of plastics developed to comply with industry demands. Our products are highly resistant to chemicals, extremely heat resistant and are tough enough to withstand wear and tear as well as meeting the strictest safety standards.

Our service is not limited to market sectors, and apart from the wide range of standard products, we can produce any size and colour on request. In consultation with our clients, we can manufacture any type of product for any application.

  • Polyethylene


    Polyethylene is 100% recyclable and is suitable for use in many industry sectors. The material is highly resistant to abrasion, wear and tear, chemical agents and impact. It is frequently used in industrial applications for its low friction coefficient,

  • Polypropylene


    A highly durable and tough plastic, opaque and extremely heat resistant, as it becomes soft at temperatures above 150ºC. Very resistant to impact although it has a low density and can be bent and folded very easily, and can withstand multiple folds. It has similar properties to Polyethylene but with a higher softening point.

  • Semi-Manufactured


    We can supply a wide range of semi-manufactured products to enable our clients to apply their own production, finishes and individual touches.

  • Machined


    Durplastics has a range of modern machinery enabling us to machine technical plastics from sheets that we manufacture ourselves. We can make any simple or composite shape.