At Durplastics we are proud to manufacture products for a broad range of sectors. From children’s playgrounds using single, double and triple layer sheets, to fish farms, industrial tanks, etc.

Our service is not limited to market sectors, and apart from the wide range of standard products, we can produce any size and colour on request. In consultation with our clients, we can manufacture any type of product for any application.

  • Industry


    The demand for both polypropylene and high density polyethylene is on the rise because of their suitability of these materials for general industrial use; this, combined with highly flexible production processes, provides cutting-edge solutions to clients’ needs.

  • Children’s Playground · Leisure

    Children’s Playground · Leisure

    Using triple layer high-density Polyethylene for children’s playgrounds and play equipment, as well as for leisure and sports applications, is an obvious design choice for its range of colours and minimum maintenance requirements.

  • Hotel and catering and Household goods

    Hotel and catering and Household goods

    The properties of high-density Polyethylene make it highly suitable for this sector, which is subject to continuous monitoring of manufacturing processes and adherence to strict standards.

  • Environmental and Infrastructure

    Environmental and Infrastructure

    In both sectors, the demand for semi-manufactured plastics for innovative solutions is very high and Durplastics supplies Polyethylene and Polypropylene products, depending on project requirements.